Crawley Locks and Alarms

We can set up the following for you on most systems.

Day Setting: All sensors are on and protecting the whole property.
Night Setting: All sensors are on, with exception of the Landing Sensor which allows movement upstairs.

We can taylor these to your needs and use.

Yes, we can add communication to most alarms. This can be in the form of a SMS Message, Voice Call or on the latest Systems via an App on your Smartphone.

We do recommend to get your Intruder Alarm serviced once a year. This helps to prevent any issues during the year. More details can be found here.

Yes you can set your alarm if you have pets.

Please note, siting and configuration of pet tolerant devices is critical to obtain the best results.

If you have changed your contact details

please call us on 01293 889167

If you have a power cut your alarm will still work on the panels backup battery for up to 8 to 12 hours.
This is another essential reason to have yearly maintenance done.

We always leave a user manual with the customer, but if you still are having problems and can not get the answer from there, then please if you have any questions then call us on 01293 889167 or email

We have a selection of user manuals on our website HERE

Good question!!
Pyronix are phasing out the HomeControl+ app and replacing it with the new ProControl+ app.

We have put some instructions together to help you set it up HERE

When you had your Alarm installed, we should have left  user manual with you. But things do go missing, so please have a look on our Manuals download page for your system.

For Pyronix Enforcer alarms here is a quick guide…How to Set your Pyronix Enforcer Alarm System

  • If we do not look after your current system but are looking to change, please call us on 01293 889 167 to see if its a system we look after. We can then do a take over on the system, advise on any problems we might find and also service the system for you.
  • If you are a current customer then please call us on 01293 889 167 to book in a service.

Great service is something we strive to achieve on every job we do.
So if you are happy with any service we have provided, then please let everyone know here

If you have an Alarm Activation your external bell box will ring for no more than 20 minutes.

If you have communications on your system, then this will be reduced to approx 8-10 mins.

Once the time is up the external bell box will stop ringing and the  system will re-arm itself.