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New Pyronix ProControl+ App for your Pyronix Enforcer

Pyronix are pushing out a new app to control your Pyronix Enforcer V10 App Panel. Here is what you need to know to swap over from the old app.

HomeControl+ Logo

HomeControl+ app is being replaced by ProControl+ app

ProControl+ Logo

Step 1

Download the App from your relevant APP Store

Requires iOS 10 and above.

Requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

Step 2

System ID and App Password

You will need your system ID and App password. 

You can find these details written down at the back of your user manual or Completion certificate that you received after the install was completed.

Step 3

Registering your System

Open up the App, you will need to register with either a Mobile number or an E-Mail address.
This is needed to identify your device with your Alarm panel on the new app.

Click Register, then read terms and conditions and click Agree

Step 4

Enter Mobile or Email Address

Register with either a Mobile number or E-Mail Address

Click get Verification Code.

Step 5

Enter Verification Code

A verification code will be sent via SMS or
email, enter it now and press ‘Next’

Step 6

Add Your Panel to the APP

You will need your System ID and App password you retrieved from Step 2

Note: Where it says system ID on this example, the app may actually say Serial Number. This is the same thing.

Step 7

Add Your Panel to the APP

Now log into your Panel.

You will need your 4 digit Master Code or a User Code and the App Password.

Make sure you click the Save Password so the tick is Green

Step 8

Log into your Panel.

On first use the App will say you need to be authorised by your administrator.
At this point you will need to contact us to authorise your device.
You are now logged into the new app and your alarm panel.