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NET2 |Access Control

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any building incredibly simple.

Easy to use and with excellent features, Net2 access control moves beyond the basics of managing the flow of people around a building, offering benefits like building control and system integration.
Net2 is an efficient solution for businesses looking for complete security.
It’s ideal for smaller sites, with moderate access requirements, as well as larger
companies looking to expand in the future.

Some of the benefits of Paxton Net2

Straightforward and easy to use – Net2 is so intuitive, adding users and managing reports can be done with no need for specialist technical knowledge.  A Net2 access control system can be used by anyone.
Welcome screen -The  homepage can be customised with your installer’s details, to make contacting them for help and advice really simple
Emergency lockdown – secure your building at the touch of a button. Security lockdown is ideal for buildings or sensitive sites that need to secure the premises in the event of an emergency
Anti-passback – prevent unauthorised access from users sharing tokens by setting time delays in the Net2 software. This prevents the same token being used more than once within a certain time frame
Timesheet – a valuable tool to help you keep track of staff hours and keep HR processes smooth and simple
Timeline – a quick and easy way to monitor staff time and attendance, as well as sick days and holidays throughout the year, in one convenient package
Areas – a really simple way to control groups of doors within your building. Splitting your site into specific areas makes adding users with access permissions easier than programming each door individually
Energy saving triggers and actions – set the system to switch off utilities automatically when the building is empty and save money on energy bills.
Roll call and muster – set your system to generate an automatic roll call report when the fire alarm goes off. This helps to identify exactly who is safe once the building has been evacuated.