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UK to Switch off PSTN network

Effective Date: IMMEDIATE
Time Frame: September 2020 – December 2025


Removal of Current Copper Network Affecting PSTN Communications Devices.

We have recently received an update from BT regarding the removal of current copper networks on an exchange basis for new IP solutions. These changes are due to start on a phased implementation from September 2020, and the latest estimates conclude this will be an ongoing project until the end of 2025. The UK’s telecoms networks will undergo substantial change in the coming years, as the companies that run them upgrade their technology. By 2025 the traditional phone network the ‘public switched telephone network’ (PSTN) will be switched off and moved to a new technology that will use broadband for all phone calls and data transfer.

What does this mean to our customers?

When a premises communication lines are upgraded, it has the potential to cause problems on PSTN (Landline) communication modems installed in control panels. These were designed to operate on the current copper cabled grids. We cannot guarantee their current operations on the new digital networks and subsequently cannot be held responsible for any issues encountered.

Will this just affect my Home alarm system? This affects all Alarm systems that communicate via PSTN (Landline) services including Fire Alarms and Care Pendants.

How do I know if my Alarm system could be affected? If your panel communicates out via your house landline number, either by TXT (SMS) or Telephone call,  then this has the potential to affect your system.

If your system communicates out via a SIM Card or via Wi-Fi (Smart device controlled) then this will not affect your system.


What are my options going forward?

We recommend where possible, upgrading current security systems to IP based communications such as Wi-Fi, LAN and GPRS solutions.
Please contact the office to find out if your system is able to be updated or replaced.


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